Water-Based Wet-Look Sealers

Keeping Your Pavers Looking Fresh All Year Long!

Green & Clean can clean, protect and enhance your pool deck, driveway, and sidewalk pavers by pressure cleaning and sealing using our water-based wet-look sealers.

Water-Based Wet-Look Sealers

Side-By-Side Comparison of our Water-Based Wet-Look Sealer being applied.

Whether the goal is to initially protect newly installed pavers or to clean and revive pavers that have started to fade in color, Green & Clean uses Cobble Loc water-based sealers to protect the investment you’ve made in your pavers. Sealer options include a semi-gloss sheen, or matte finish, depending on your preference. Both leave pavers with a “wet look” appearance, similar to how they look after spraying down with a water hose (but lasting far longer!).

Applying a sealer to your pavers does not affect slip resistance. The sealer wears evenly. Most residents re-apply sealer every 2 to 4 years, depending on the amount of sun exposure and traffic. This process also helps bind the sand between the pavers, therefore, reducing sand loss from erosion and helping to prevent mildew growth.

The sealers that Green & Clean can apply to your pavers are also available for natural stone surfaces, concrete, and more.

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Here at Green and Clean, we are committed to taking care of your exterior investments. We also provide pool cleaning services, commercial janitorial cleaning services, commercial and residential carpet, tile & grout, and pressure cleaning to southwest Florida. We are committed to clean!