The New Normal in Cleaning

Enhanced Facility Disinfection Practices

Green & Clean has teamed up with Betco Cleaning Solutions to implement Enhanced Facility Disinfection Practices to better serve our customers, protect our employees, and adapt to the “New Normal” in cleaning!

What is Enhanced Facility Disinfection? 

It’s an all encompassing way of doing business that focuses on the health and safety of our employees and customers, the products and equipment we use for cleaning, and the processes and training put in place to ensure thorough cleaning.

Customer and Employee Focus

  • PPE:  Determining the correct PPE for our staff is the first step in ensuring the safety of both employees and customers.  Proper use of gloves, masks, and eye protection all play a part in protecting all of our partners
  • Training:  Simply possessing PPE does not ensure it’s proper use.  It is essential that technicians are trained on how to properly don and doff protective equipment, how to dispose of said PPE, and on incorporating frequent and effective handwashing.
  • Social Distancing according to CDC guidelines is recommended for our staff and customers, maintaining a 6’ separation during all interactions.
  • Site assessments and customer inputs help us determine the individual needs of every particular home or facility to ensure safe yet effective products to be used are identified.
  • Partnering with Customers – Our services make a major contribution in maintaining a healthy and safe facility – but our customers play a key role in the process as well.   We help identify solutions such as sanitizer stations, handwashing signs, and no touch dispensers, allowing a customer to maintain their desired level of cleanliness in between our visits.

Products and Equipment

  • Selecting the most appropriate and effective disinfectants and cleaners is an essential part of Enhanced Facility Disinfection.  We are continually identifying new and more effective products to better serve our customers and facilities.  Our disinfection products are EPA rated for emerging pathogens (including Covid-19).   In addition, when appropriate, Green Seal Certified Products are used for the health of our customers, employees, and environment.
  •   Determining the proper equipment that is efficient, effective, and is properly maintained plays a key role in all cleaning practices. Customer’s demands and budgets, facility needs and materials of construction, and storage  play a role in selecting equipment to be used.  While some facilities require floor scrubbers that clean and extract all cleaning solutions, others may be better suited for traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Either way, enhanced procedures focus on using and maintaining tools and equipment that are both effective and have been disinfected prior to use.
  • Specialty Cleaning and Disinfecting Applicators – In response to current conditions, we’ve secured specialty equipment such as Electrostatic Sprayers, which are geared towards advanced disinfectant applications.  If desired, additional applications of disinfecting solutions can be performed with this specialty equipment. 

Processes, Management, Training, and Verification

  • Cleaning Program and Processes
    Green & Clean has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2012.  Among it’s purposes is to ensure we achieve consistent customer satisfaction by developing, measuring and improving our quality procedures on a continuous basis.  We partner with Betco to implement a multistep Cleaning and Disinfection program which focuses on Site Assessment, Identification and Proper Use of Most Effective Cleaning Tools and Methods, Cleaning of Critical Touch Points,  and Verification of work performed.
  • Management
    The heart of our management system centers around our
    Quality Managers.  Our team of Quality Managers are the key to ensure a consistent, quality delivery of our services. They work hand in hand with customers, customer service managers,  and our field employees, to train, retrain, and evaluate the effectiveness of our cleaning process.  We’ve made a commitment to invest heavily in this position, ensuring that every customer and field technician gets the attention they need on an ongoing basis. Our Quality Managers have years of experience as field technicians, and were promoted from within because of their proven ability to lead others.
  • Training
    Our staff is trained through the Betco Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program, with an emphasis on the cleaning of critical touch points.  Specific task cards are created for each property, designed in detail for the individual needs of our different customers.  Cleaning expectations for every area are defined, setting the groundwork for future inspections.   Our quality managers then perform the field training necessary to ensure proper delivery by our service technicians
  • Verification
    A key element of maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification is the commitment to verify our work.  In order to continually improve our processes and service, our quality managers measure results against the commitments we’ve outlined in customer agreements.  These results, along with our customer’s feedback, allow us to continually evaluate the work we do.  This will dictate modifications to cleaning routines that must be implemented quickly and efficiently.

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