Here to make your pool & outdoor area dreams come to life.

At Green & Clean, we are proud to offer you the best and widest variety of services under one company. It is always our goal to make the customer happy.

With our Pool Renovation & Repair service, you are able to get the pool of your dreams. Whether we’re installing a pool for the very first time, or upgrading systems and looks on an existing one, we keep your vision at the front of our work.

Green & Clean is proud to be a Certified Pool & Spa Contractor.

License # CPC1459527

As a Certified Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor, Green & Clean can repair or service any swimming pool or spa, both public or private. Green & Clean can repair or replace existing equipment, install new equipment, work on interior finishes, reinstall or add pool heaters, repair or replace perimeter piping and filter piping, repair equipment rooms, and housing, and drain pools or spas for purposes of repair.

Water treatment and cleaning that does not require the installation, construction, replacement, or modification of equipment does not require a license. Filters may be changed without a license.

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Our ongoing commitment to you:

(1) Return calls within 2 hours, Monday through Friday
(2) Weekly communication reports
(3) Provide consistent cleaning service with qualified technicians

COVID-19 & Pools

According to CDC guidelines and research, there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be spread through water contact in areas such as pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. However, it is still encouraged that proper operation and maintenance, as well as disinfecting procedures, of the previously mentioned facilities should deactivate the virus.

Social distancing guidelines are encouraged by limiting close contact with people who are not a part of your household, in and out of the water.

Here at Green & Clean, we take our staff and customers’ health and wellbeing seriously. That is why we have initiated new procedures to limit physical contact. In addition to wearing face coverings and gloves, our staff’s top priority is to maintain proper chemical levels for both salt and chlorine pools for proper water sanitation.

You can learn more about Green & Clean’s Health, Wellness, and Personal Protection Practices here: https://greencleanswfl.com/health-wellness-and-personal-protection-practices/

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