Rainy Season Preparedness: Avoid Big Money Disasters

Avoid big money disasters during the rainy season by creating a preparation list. Every household should prepare for rainy season like it’s hurricane season.  Outdoor home maintenance is the difference from each list.  In order to prepare well, it’s important to know the condition of your home’s exterior before any storm arrives.  Most insurance companies will not cover any damage if your property hasn’t been properly maintained.  Just think about how many times after a storm, it seems like there’s always the pool that has too much water or the tree limb that fell on your car or house. So here are some pool and landscape maintenance tips that’ll help you avoid those big money disasters.


Pool Maintenance Tips:

Rainy Season can affect pools

Maintain Pool Equipment Regularly: Pool owners take note of this tip.  This is a critical one if you have a lot of vegetation around the water.  More vegetation around your pool can increase in cleaning frequency for your filters.  Also, it can cause your equipment to work overtime and in some cases shut down.  Lastly, if lightning storms are common in your area or even your backyard, confirm that your pool equipment gets checked at your next visit.  If you don’t have a professional on the books, call one up to ensure your equipment is working properly.  It avoids expensive repairs in the long run if multiple parts need to be replaced at one time.


Plan For Timely Pool Draining:  It’s not uncommon to have high water levels in your pool after a big storm.  If you have a pool company already, talk to your technician about draining the pool if they don’t do it already.  Also talk to them if draining your pool once a month is appropriate during the rainiest months.  Planning ahead will avoid the high water and filtration issues.  Just a disclaimer, high water isn’t a freak out moment, but it is something to maintain so that equipment can last longer.


Add Lanai Cleaning To Your Budget:  Maintaining your pool isn’t about the pool itself.  It’s about making sure the maintenance around it is done too.  Have a pool cage?  Pressure wash the cage ahead of time.  You may have to clean it again after the storm.  However, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning if you do. Maintaining the metal cage is to prevent mold and algae from spreading across the pool deck.  The last thing you need is dirt sitting in a wet area too long.  Also, maintain vegetation around the pool area to avoid large amounts of debris in the pool itself.  Large amounts of debris are the key causes for filters not to work properly.


Landscape Maintenance Tips:

Rainy Season can affect your landscaping

Arrange Tree Trimming Service:  Tree trimming should be done regularly to avoid property damage throughout the year.  Different species of trees require a different trimming schedule.  It’s especially important during the rainy season because not only do heavy tree limbs break, but they can cause a tree to fall if it’s not healthy.  With that said, know what type of tree you have in order to trim it properly and if a professional is needed.  Consider safety first when it comes to weight, height, and balance on a ladder.  If the tree is too tall with a standard ladder, it’s recommended to hire a professional for cutting.


Select Appropriate Landscape Lighting:  Ever walk outside your home after a storm, and your pathway lights are leaning left or right?  This is a sign to reevaluate your yard’s lighting.  Landscape lighting seems like it’s something that you can do on your own.  However, hiring a professional can be helpful in not only getting the right design to showcase your home, but to receive the right product to withstand wet, sunny, and stormy conditions without too much maintenance.  You’ll also want to consider the proper anchor for roof lighting if appropriate.  The last thing you need is a spotlight flying onto your yard or through your neighbor’s window.


Choose the Right Mulch:  Mulch is a product where you’ll find yourself spending the most money for landscape maintenance.  This is because you may not have the correct mulch to withstand windy, wet weather conditions.   Shopping at a big box store isn’t always going to guarantee you the best price or product.  There are varieties of mulch on the market to withstand specific climates, landscape maintenance, and aesthetics.  This blogger recommends hiring a professional or shopping at a local nursery knowledgeable about this product.  You will save more money in the long run if you get the right product.


These tips may seem like a bank account drainer.  However, think about safety, easier maintenance, and long term money savings.  Too many homeowners make the mistake of not maintaining these areas to save money.  However, they end up spending more money long term because it takes more time to fix it.  Also, if you aren’t taking pictures before a major storm, the after photos will not be helpful.  Insurance companies make it harder to file claims causing you to pay out of pocket.  Just think…if you get ahead of the storm with these tips, you’ll be able to save time and money by preventing that big money disaster.

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