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Pool Renovations

Elevate your residential, commercial, or HOA property with our premier pool renovation services. From resurfacing to installing state-of-the-art materials & equipment, we specialize in completely renovating pools without compromising the existing space. From all new services to that water feature you’ve always wanted, experience limitless possibilities that fit your budget!

Pool & Spa Renovation

Transform your HOA, commercial, or residential pool with our expert renovation services. Our seasoned team embarks on comprehensive onsite assessments to carve out tailored solutions for aesthetic and functional upgrades. The focus is to accentuate the existing charm of your pool while introducing modern touches that elevate the overall experience.

Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We provide clear insights into the renovation process, ensuring you are well informed about the achievable upgrades and their lasting benefits. The aim is to strike a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal, functional excellence, and cost-effectiveness.

The journey of enhancing your pool doesn’t end with the renovation. We believe in building lasting relationships through regular follow-ups and annual reviews. This enduring commitment ensures that the upgrades resonate with the desired standards of pool care and customer service, season after season.

Our Services

  • Commercial and HOA Pools
  • Renovate your existing pool
  • Custom pool and elemental feature design
  • Repair and install pool equipment
  • Acid Washing
  • Resurfacing
  • Repair equipment rooms
  • Drain pools or spas for pool repair
  • Install new equipment
  • Work on interior finishes

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Our Services

Whether you are at your home, your business, or in your community, Green & Clean is your one-stop-shop for taking care of the places you spend your time most.


We specialize in commercial, home associations, and residential pools, fountains, and water feature services. Our customized service plans along with our equipment & repair services will ensure the health and safety of your community or home pool.

Pool Services


Renfroe & Jackson is our landscape division. Our applicators are GI-BMP certified to maintain and practice green landscape techniques. Our knowledgeable experts can design, install or update your landscape of any size or scope.

Landscape Services


From carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and paver sealing, to window washing and tile & grout restoration, our team has everything you need to clean and refresh your home, business, or community association.

Cleaning Services

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