Pool Safety: Top Tips for Preventing Pool Accidents 

Pool safety is a topic that surfaces every summer.  This topic may seem redundant as there are many tips and articles readily available.  However, what those articles don’t tell you is that the key point of pool safety isn’t only about being prepared for the worst.  It’s about preventing pool accidents from happening in the first place.  This means a balance between old school safety rules, like no running around the pool area, and adding new technology and equipment to prevent pool accidents.  Here are some tips to consider for pool accidents.

Pool Safety & Fun

Install Pool Safety Products

Pool safety products are great for kids, pets, and swimmers that may need extra assistance.  These products not only provide safety, but they also provide alerts in case help is needed.  First, threshold alarms are a great option if you have a fence or gate. They can be mounted on a wall or fence and can be easily silenced by adults only.   Second option, pool immersion detector, which is a wristband that can be attached to a child’s wrist or pet collar.  The wristband acts as an alarm when the person or pet wearing it gets in the water.  Lastly, floating sensors are another option if you need something portable.  This is a water buoy system that floats and senses when a pet or child gets in the pool.  Check out specifications, installation instructions, and distance for each device to work properly.  All of this is important information to make the best purchase decision.

Clean & Maintain Pool Deck

Cleaning and maintaining your pool deck isn’t just for aesthetics.  It’s also for safety so that guests and loved ones don’t slip and fall.  Excess water and added heat causes mold and mildew on pavers and other surfaces.  Not having it cleaned regularly causes build up which in turn creates a slippery surface.  In addition, any foliage or landscape around the pool should be picked up to avoid wet slip and fall factors.  It’s amazing how one little, wet leaf can cause an accident.  Not sure if you want to do all the maintenance?  Check out our post Home Maintenance:  Is It Worth Hiring A Professional?

Keep Safety Equipment Nearby

Make sure that safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid and pool kits are available nearby.  This may be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many pool areas do not have these tools accessible for emergencies.  All of these supplies are important if you host parties or outings.  If you’re the homeowner, make sure everyone knows where safety gear and first aid kits are located.  You never know who will be on deck to help out anyone that needs it.  You are liable for any injuries that happen on your property.  So just be sure you have everything on deck so that everyone in the pool can have fun and be safe too.

Pool Safety Ladder

Create Safety Rules

I understand everyone wants to have fun right away.  However, it’s important for everyone to understand pool rules.  This includes the standard safety precautions of walking not running, knowing how deep the pool is before jumping, etc.  Hosting a pool party with kids?  Know which kids need a little extra help with swimming.  Also, always have a water watcher on deck.  This person can help keep the peace so that everyone is safe.  Last but not least, show adults and older kids where drains are located in your pool.  Smaller children can be sucked by drains which causes entrapment.  Although this may seem like a rare altercation, it happens more often than you think and can be deadly.

Pool Safety for Children

Don’t Forget About Hot Tubs

Ever see those hot tub rule signs at hotels?  These signs are there for a reason.  For instance, high temperatures can burn skin.  If you have a hot tub at home, it’s easier to control the temperature to prevent skin burns versus a public hot tub where you don’t always know the exact temperature.  This is critical information for young kids and people with sensitive skin.  Children under 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult at public hot tubs for this reason.  Additionally, not all kids meet height or weight requirements to have their heads above water at all times.  If you have a separate hot tub at home, consider getting a lock or a heavy cover that can’t be lifted by children.  

It’s amazing how far we’ve come with pool safety products. It’s worth checking out so that you can add them to your pool budget if needed.  Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a pool owner to use these tips.  These can be suggestions for your neighborhood or housing development community pool.  It may seem crazy, however, the safety tips help out the people around you, who have little awareness of their surroundings.  Having a safe pool area keeps your mind at ease, which in turn allows you to enjoy your time with friends and loved ones accident free.  


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