Things to Consider for Pool Renovation Design

Living in Florida is literally living in a tropical paradise. Over the years many of our backyard pools start to look dated and drab. Renovating a pool isn’t as hard as some people may think! Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your pool renovation design.

  • Symmetry is Always Important!

    • The flow of any outdoor space is the first thing to consider. Where will guests sunbathe? Is there an outdoor kitchen or grill? Is there a playground that needs to be moved? Once you have a basic idea of what items you are going to include in your pool renovation design, then you need to decide if you want the pool to be parallel or perpendicular to the house. The answer depends on where you want your eyes drawn and is an important one. A perpendicular pool draws your eyes to the house and to the backyard. Now if you live on the water, this pool design is perfect to elongate the look and feel of the pool house on one end, ocean or lake on the other end. The options are endless! For more pool design tips, check out our 5 designs to get you started!
  • Lighting, Furniture, and Sun Shades

    • Lighting and furniture matter more than you know. A perfectly placed background glow around a dinner table or bright pavement lights make any pool renovation look polished and complete. It also adds safety to outline the pool with landscape lighting. Deciding on the style of furniture will help you get creative and picking the right material for you will help with maintenance and upkeep. Make sure your wood is sealed and all fabric is water and mold resistant. Adding shade periodically around the pool or pergolas will help protect your furniture from the elements and keep your skin safe from the sun.

Pool Renovation Furniture

  • Backyard Privacy Fence for Safety Too!

    • Not only does a nice privacy fence create a private oasis for your backyard, it adds a necessary safety feature for swimming pools. The fence keeps animals out and prevents small children from wandering in and accidentally falling into your pool. If you don’t have a privacy fence surrounding your backyard, then you need to consider adding a safety fence to the pool perimeter.
  • Landscaping Design

    • A beautifully renovated pool needs an equally polished landscape. Decide on your style of pool and once you have your color pallets, stones, concrete, and other materials picked out – look for plants that naturally accentuate your oasis. Potted plants are great to add to any pool deck along with flowers or garden beds along the path to the house possibly. The options are endless.
  • Safety First!

    • Make sure you pick a slip-resistant surface for the pool deck area. Something with a little grit in it to ensure it doesn’t get too slippery when wet. If you live in hotter climates you may also want to consider colors that repel heat easier so you don’t burn your feet. Be sure to keep a few personal flotation devices on hand. While they don’t look great out in the open, try a waterproof bench designed into your landscaping where these necessities are easily reached.
  • Contact a Pool Renovation and Landscape expert.

    • Start with a landscape design company. They know backyards and will see things you don’t even notice regarding what your space “could” be. They will help with layouts and take some measurements and some landscape companies even do pool renovations. If you can find a company who can do it all it helps alleviate scheduling and working with multiple contractors. They handle all the hard stuff so you can sit back and enjoy your newly renovated outdoor pool oasis.

So whether you are looking to do a little face lift to your pool or a full on pool renovation, start with the basics and decide on a budget. Then get ready to enjoy your beautiful outdoor oasis.