These days we are on a household cleaning overload.  This means that we are so busy with life that cleaning every nook and cranny is on the backburner.  Most homes are lucky to receive a weekly dusting, vacuum or yard maintenance.  With that said, tasks turn into projects, and projects turn into to do lists that never get done.  Don’t hang your head in shame or let anxiety overrule your ability to control the overload.  Instead, take control of the situation so that household cleaning tasks or projects get done.  Here are some easy steps to take on what seems to be “the impossible.”


Step 1:  Mental Preparedness:  Getting Over The Mental Dread

If cleaning and large projects aren’t your thing, that means mental preparedness needs to happen in order to overcome dread and overwhelming anxiety.  Only you can determine if running around the block or making your projects fun will suffice.  With that said, think positive and what CAN work instead of what you aren’t willing to overcome.  I promise you that defeating the dread will make the next steps much easier to conquer.  It’ll allow you remain on track and keep moving forward. 


Step 2: Create A Check-List

Creating a check-list helps you identify projects that need completed, organize them by importance, and understand the length of time and resources needed to complete the list.  You may want to prioritize your tasks according to small to large or simple to hardest.  Sometimes it’s easier to complete the small projects.  It allow you more time focus on the larger projects that may need extra time.


Step 3:  Recruit The Right People

Sometimes it takes a small village to help get projects done.  That includes friends, family, or professionals.  Family and friends can be a great help.  Just be  up front of what needs to be done on your list and how long it’ll take.  Be realistic because not all projects can be do-it-yourself.  Think about hiring a professional for some help where needed.  Recruiting the right professionals is important to get your projects done right and completed on time.  Are you in doubt if you should hire a professional for that special project.  Read our blog Home Maintenance:  Is It Worth Hiring A Professional?  


Step 4:  Stick To The Plan Stan

In order for a check-list to work, you must stick to your plan or adjust accordingly so you can check off each task.  However, this doesn’t mean that tasks aren’t “set in stone.” Begin a project or task with the mindset that sometimes projects don’t go according to plan.  Flexibility is key to staying on track and keeping your wits in order to finish any task or project.  Some days you may require a pep talk to yourself to keep going.  Do what you must, so that you can keep moving forward.


Step 5:  Keep Up The Maintenance

Avoid future cleaning marathons by keeping up with each project.  Procrastination is the reason why spring cleaning marathons happen.  You wait too long and the situation feels unmanageable.  To get ahead, plan out the big stuff for future appointments.  Knowing that the large projects are taken care of will take off some weight from your shoulders.  Also, understand the amount of time it takes to maintain an area versus having to do a large clean in the future.  Keep up with cleaning projects equates to saving time in the long run.  Less work will need to be done saving you large sums of time to finish a project.


The steps I just mentioned are one way of accomplishing the daunting task of household cleaning overload.  There are other ways to get tasks and projects done with a little creativity.  Try and make your tasks fun.  If you are painting your house, host a painting party with friends and family who are helping out.  All it takes is a little motivation and time management to complete the tasks and projects on your list.