Home Maintenance:  Is It Worth Hiring A Professional?

Should I hire a professional service for home maintenance? This is a question that many people ponder when purchasing a home or have changes in life.  Finalizing a decision to hire a professional to clean your home, maintain your pool or landscape is not always an easy one.  It’s the immediate questions about money, time, and perception that cause us to panic.  So we start asking a lot of questions without really having the answers.  These questions are valid and are all factors that weigh in on the final decision.  So instead of having a panic attack, let’s deconstruct each question instead.


What’s My Budget?  This question is usually the one that puts us all in a tailspin.  Money is a key driver when makingdecisions when hiring a professional in the service industry.  I would not recommend looking at a contract price.  Instead, assess the value that you will receive by hiring a professional.  Sometimes the lowest price in the service industry doesn’t mean you’ll get quality service.  Paying a little extra will provide consistency in work, better quality service, and the peace of mind that the service is done properly.  


Is My Safety At Risk?  Consider hiring a pro when it comes to pool or landscape maintenance.  Think about if you really want your loved one in an unbalanced pool.  Are you a scientist that can keep up with the weekly chem checks & water levels?  You don’t need to be one.  However, if you don’t do it right, your loved ones can get sick or have skin sensitivity to the water.   Also, if you have a large landscape to maintain or have one that’s complicated.  The pros are the right people to service your landscape.  They have the tools and knowledge to properly maintain your property to look professional and most of all do it safely


How Much Time Can I Save?  You can save at least one hour of time by hiring a pro.  Let’s face it, how much time do you have to maintain your home.  Most of us barely have time to clean the bathroom let alone do yard and maintenance.  Oh, and did I mention that pet or pet(s) you own that also need cleaning up after.  Consider how much time you really want to spend cleaning and maintaining instead of spending it with your family.  The extra money hiring a professional just may be the piece of mind you deserve.


Will This Project Have Expensive Mishaps If I Do It?  Ever have that front yard fiasco where the plants died and the design looks like an amateur designed it?  Most of us are guilty of these landscape mishaps.  This is why landscape design and even maintenance are projects that should be done by a professional.  Landscape companies are valuable when you want a low-maintenance yard or flower bed.  They have the knowledge and experience to showcase your home without overspending on the wrong plants.  Also, landscape companies that provide maintenance services are not just a “mow and blow” company.  They can check the irrigation system to ensure your plants and yard are taken care of properly.


How Do I Even Find A Professional?  You may go straight to your computer and look at countless reviews to find the perfect professional.  While the internet is a great source, asking your friends and neighbors is even better.  Sometimes you find out more in a conversation because you are asking questions that aren’t answered in a review.  Also, hiring a cleaning, pool, or landscape service is personal.  You need services that are personalized to your needs. Learn more by reading our posts of 5 Questions That’ll Allow You To Hire The Right Cleaning Company or Is your pool technician CPO Certified?


Living in a home that requires maintenance and upkeep from the inside and out.  It isn’t always easy as time seems to be lacking in most of our lives.  Hiring a professional to clean your home,  or maintain your pool or landscape can give you peace of mind.  Can a professional go wrong somewhere along the way?  Of course, we are all human.  Nevertheless, It’s all about the value of whatever you are gaining in return.  Hiring a professional to clean or maintain your pool and lawn just might be the answer to enjoying your home and loved ones more.