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Whether it’s to protect a new investment or to improve the look of an existing driveway with pavers, sidewalk, or pool deck, cleaning and sealing should be an essential part of your maintenance routine.

Similar to the majority of other home projects, the correct prep work is key to making this project a success.

DIY: Cleaning & Sealing Pavers

  1. First, it is essential to identify the type of any existing sealer that has been applied in the past. In general, there are two types of sealers: water-based or solvent-based sealers.  If solvent-based sealers were previously used, then solvent sealers should be reapplied for proper adherence (unless all sealer is properly stripped and removed). If water-based sealers were previously used, then either water base or solvent base can be used. Green & Clean uses and recommends water-based sealers.
  1. Second, pavers must be pressure washed to prepare a clean surface free of debris. Although this can be done with a hand wand, it’s recommended to use a surface cleaner attachment at 3500+ psi to properly prep all surfaces. Treat any oil spots with Oil Removers such as commercially available Firefox products. Once cleaned, rinse any remaining residue from pavers.
  1. After pressure washing, if additional sand is needed for joints, allow pavers to fully dry, then sweep sand to work in between pavers. Once set, rinse pavers again to remove any remaining sand.

    Before & After: side walk pressure cleaning

    Before & After

  1. It is time to apply your sealer! As previously mentioned, we use water-based sealers. Our preferred brand is Surface Logix. The two most popular products are Cobble Loc Wet Look Sealer Gloss, and Cobble Loc Wet Look Sealer Matte finish. Both give pavers a “Wet Look”, similar to how they look after being hosed down. The gloss has a bit more of a sparkle to it but is by no means a glossy coating. Neither sealer leaves the pavers slippery when wet. These two products can be applied while pavers are wet or dry, making them ideal for applications done the same day as prep work.
    • We recommend using a combination of a broadcast sprayer and roller to apply. Apply product evenly with a sprayer to 8’ x 8’ area. Allow to soak in for a few minutes, then back roll with the roller to remove any puddling. Repeat throughout the entire area. If a second coat is desired, allow curing for approximately 4 hours before applying a second coat (cure time can be shortened in dry conditions).
  1. Once complete, allow 4-6 hours for drying time before light foot  traffic, and a full 24 hours before vehicular traffic.

Maintenance Tips

Cobble Loc advises applying sealer no more than every two years. Depending on sun exposure and traffic load, life expectancy should be 2-4 years. Both products wear evenly, and they don’t leave visible wear lines as they age.

In addition, there are penetrating sealers that are invisible, if no change in the look of pavers is desired.

Not interested in DIY?

If renting the proper equipment and securing the desired product is more than what you want to tackle, call Green & Clean for a customized quote for Paver Cleaning and more at 239-229-5872!

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