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Full Service Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Green & Clean Property Solutions, Inc. is a full service commercial and residential cleaning company.  Our shareholders and management team are all full-time residents of SW Florida.  Green & Clean has carefully developed a full line of services that meet our customers’ needs without offering services we are not 100% certain we can provide the best possible quality and customer service. This approach has allowed our business to consistently grow and reinvest capital into our equipment and staff to align with our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

Green & Clean Property Solutions Inc.  is committed to delivering value to our customers by providing Quality cleaning products and services that fulfill their ongoing needs and expectations, while fostering a Work-Place environment that will facilitate the achievement of customer value.  We do this by:

  • Providing a Customer Service Platform that is integrated into every aspect of our business
  • Delivering Consistent Training to all staff, and Verification of the Services we provide
  • Implementing Quality Process Workflows that are executed and verified
  • Committing to continually evaluate and improve our Process Workflows with input from all team members and management
  • Administering a quality employee compensation and benefits package that reflects the quality service we expect to provide
  • Achieving Continual Sustainable Growth according to goals and objectives

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification through an independent certification body.  The purpose of Green & Cleans’ effort and desire to become ISO 9001:2015 certified is to ensure we achieve consistent customer satisfaction by developing, measuring and improving our quality procedures on a continuous basis.  Every quality procedure implemented throughout our business aligns with our overall Quality Policy.

Since 2009

Green & Clean was founded in 2009, with the intention of providing quality cleaning and lawn care to the Southwest Florida region.   In fact, the Green & Clean name was originally adopted to best describe our two key services – Greencare (lawn) and Cleaning.  Soon after, we found our our greatest strength to be in organizing, managing, and implementing cleaning systems, and decided to narrow our focus solely on Janitorial Services.

Since our commitment from the start was to provide both “Green” cleaning solutions for day to day cleaning, along with other,  deep cleaning solutions, necessary for periodic cleans, the name was still appropriate, and has represented the gold standard in cleaning services to this day.

Our Management Team

Sam Burnett

Exec Vice President

Joe Ariola

Director of Business Development

Skip Greenaway


Ryan Thompson

Operations Manager

Laura Keuhn

Quality Manager

Bryannah Floyd

Client Relations & Business Development

Rachel Gonzalez

Quality Manager

Michelle Smith

Quality Manager

Regena Pinkerton

Quality Manager

Jeffrey Smith

Quality Manager, Special Projects

Brittany Sharpe

Customer Service Manager - Janitorial

Grethel Varela

Quality Manager

Jessie Capper

Customer Service Manager - Pools

Tara Liberty

Office Manager & Scheduling Coordinator

Our Clients

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