What if I told you about 5 easy projects that’ll upgrade your home AND won’t break the bank?  You may be thinking about budget, pain points, and the completion time.  I’ve had those thoughts myself because home projects can feel like a burden.  On the flip side, these 5 easy projects are ones that can make your home feel upgraded from the inside to the outside.  And in some cases, the finished product can provide value to your home if you plan on selling it.  Still in doubt… hopefully the simplicity of these options will hopefully inspire you versus intimate you.  Check out the list to see what you can handle instead of hiring a professional.

Kitchen updates home project

1) Updating Hardware and Fixtures:  Choosing updated fixtures and hardware is the easiest thing to do without breaking the bank.  This included cabinet handles, light fixtures, or outlet covers.  The overall objective is to have continuity as much as possible.  First, determine the finish that matches appliances or other hardware throughout the home.  There’s a difference between looking customized versus mismatched.  Second, choose polished nickel, gold or even dark bronze finishes.  They are classic and coordinate with almost every color palette.  Lastly, keep it simple.  You don’t have to be fancy.  Sometimes less is more.

Floor Maintenance Home Project

2) Floor Upkeep:  Floor upkeep is critical as it’s costly to repair or clean if neglected for too long.  The neglect is noticeable regarding open floor plans or large areas (especially if you’re a pet owner).  If you inherited some rough looking floors, sometimes a little elbow grease and off the shelf cleaning agents are the trick.   If not, determine if grout needs cleaned, floors restored, or a strip & wax process needs to be done.  Research local cleaning companies that provide different floor cleaning services.  You may obtain a deal if you get your tile and carpeting cleaned.  Read our blog Choosing Floor Materials:  Is Maintenance at the Top of Your List? to learn more.

Fresh Paint Home Project

3) Paint or Re-Paint Your Walls:  Have some knicks in your walls or spots that look faded?  This means it’s time to paint the walls again.  Providing a fresh coat of paint on walls that need a little help can make your home feel new again.  Make sure your walls are cleaned before painting.  This means wipe down interior walls or pressure wash exterior areas if painting your home.  Otherwise, dirt on the walls will cause the paint to bubble and peel over time.  Also, choose neutral colors (browns, greys, or whites (yes there’s more than one white)) for appeal to all buyers.  Furthermore, don’t buy the cheap stuff.  Better paints have a shorter drying time, allows to clean messes easier, and provides painless application.

Landscaping home project

4) Enhance Your Landscape:  Landscape is one of those projects that can be hard to conquer.   However, once complete your curbside appeal is what makes any home feel inviting.  The trick about landscape is understanding the maintenance frequency needed.  This will help keep your landscape look its best without having to do an overhaul every few years.  Also, if you have a great yard already, does it have enhancements like lighting to showcase your home?  Some of these options aren’t breaking the bank.  So it’s worth checking out if you want the exterior of your home to look its best.  I do recommend hiring a professional for some landscape projects.  Refer to our blog post Home Maintenance:  Is It Worth Hiring a Professional? for more information.

Pressure wash home project

5) Pressure Wash Home, Roof, Driveways, and Pathways:  It’s amazing how many people refuse to spend money to power wash their roof, home, driveway or even pathways.  Pricing varies by the size and scope of the job.  This type of project requires annual maintenance pending the condition of the material(s).  Keep in mind that it’s cheaper to maintain projects like this one over time.  Otherwise, more time and labor is required to fix the toughest jobs, costing you more money.  Spending the money on this project is worth your home looking like the rockstar that it is.


If I still have your attention, I’m sure you have at least one or more projects on this list that need completed.  Determine the priority so that you can budget and plan your time wisely.   Make sure you have a time table for decisions so that you don’t get sidetracked.  Stay the course and I promise you’ll get through any pain points.  All it takes is a little motivation and the knowledge of what you’re doing has a benefit.  In the end, value can mean how you feel in your home or the monetary value received when selling it.  Either way, these 5 easy projects will help you in either situation.